Good news: Shenzhen Runchang, together with Shuiqi, has contracted the construction of Happy Shuizhai Water Park, King Mountain Tourist resort


The struggle and busy year of 2018 has come to an end. At the beginning of the New Year, from February 12 to February 14, 2019, the main managers of Runchang Group gathered in Changsha, Hunan province to successfully hold the "Runchang Group's annual Managers' Meeting 2019 and Outstanding Employees Commendation" conference.

In the annual meeting, the heads of the second-level companies, departments and projects summarized 2018 and looked forward to 2019, from which we consolidated the successful experience, passed on and carried forward it. At the same time, we summarized the lessons of failure and drew lessons from it.

Before the annual dinner, we will recognize the outstanding performance of the Group's employees in 2018 and set an example to encourage them to build on their achievements.

At the annual dinner, we will let ourselves fly and celebrate the arrival of a happy New Year

The next day, we came to Shaoshan, chairman MAO's hometown, to pay tribute to a great man. Learn and inherit the great man hard struggle style and spirit!

2019 has come, facing increasingly severe challenges and competition, Runchang people are full of passion and fighting spirit. We will actively respond to the requirements of the chairman and make ourselves more outstanding through reform and continuous improvement. We will continue to uphold the "responsibility, integrity, harmony, gratitude" spirit of enterprise, adhere to the "standard management, credibility first" principle, to provide customers with the best service.

In 2019, we in Runchang will continue to give full play to our fighting spirit, relying on our rich engineering experience and standardized management, to deliver a perfect project answer sheet for our customers! Let us join hands to win, in the change of sustainable development!